Zoan Real Estate

Helping people experience their future homes online.

Zoan Real Estate

Helping people experience their future homes online.

Creating Immersive Virtual Spaces

Zoan Real Estate creates immersive online journeys into spaces of all kinds by combining 3D visualization, real-time modeling and the latest technology. We help our customers find and experience their future homes online through virtual reality, 360 tours, videos and pictures.

The Digital

Zoan Real Estate’s Digital Twin is a virtual representation of an existing or an unfinished space. It allows for a completely new way of visualizing a building, apartment or an office space with a level of detail that has been previously unavailable. The Digital Twin has been designed to bring an unprecedented sense of realism and immersion to online real estate marketing.

Our Products

The Digital Twin

The Digital Twin for residential buildings is an interactive, virtual representation of a building’s neighborhood, facade, floors and apartments. An immersive tour of the building gives our customers the chance to experience a realistic visit to any space, completely online.

Commercial Portal

The Commercial Portal is an evolution of the real estate brokerage website that is designed to make management and renting of commercial spaces more efficient. The visually pleasing and streamlined user interface makes showcasing modern spaces an exciting and user friendly experience.


Videotour utilizes gestures familiar from social media and an intuitive way of showcasing a space with a synthesis of a real-time model and video. The Videotour enables interactions with the environment such as changing color schemes, materials, interior design and much more. The Videotour is a completely new way of experiencing a space, giving an unprecedented sense of immersion and realism on the web.

3D Visualization

We offer a wide variety of visualization services to cater to any and all needs of real estate marketing teams. Our visualization services can cover the marketed area, the building’s facades and its internal spaces with virtual reality, 360-tours, 3D models, pictures and video.

Our Latest Projects

Lumo One

We created a digital twin of the 31-story Lumo One Tower in Helsinki with 3D visuals of the building, levels and apartments including 3D pictures and 360 tours.

Bondi Junction

We collaborated with our Australian partners to create an interactive digital twin software for a showroom solution of this luxury apartment building in Sydney, showcasing the area, building facade and the apartments.


We collaborated with our Australian partners to bring a broad catalogue of digital marketing material for our client Landream in their Hurstmon development.

Erottaja 2

We created 3D visualizations for the renovated commercial space in the traditional and beautiful Erottaja 2 building to showcase it’s new office spaces and other facilities including hallway, restaurant, meeting rooms and courtyard.

Our Clients

Our Clients